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“…incense, jasmine and other perfumes, oak, old forests, abandoned lighthouses, the moon’s texture, lonely figures by cliffs, rain trickling against cabin windows, subtle colours like olive and gray, old English houses in the countryside with faded doors…”

The artist formerly known as Alteria Percepsyne presents an evocative mix of downtempo sounds from Deepchord to Gazelle Twin.  //

The latest Her Beats Podcast comes courtesy of UK-based artist Glossata, the newly revealed alias of the ambient, techno, and dub techno artist previously known as Alteria Percepsyne. Following critically acclaimed releases on Silent Season and Other Heights, Glossata’s last album was the self-released Mydriatic (which can be purchased and streamed in full on Bandcamp). Next up is yet another full-length album called Pearls and Smoke, out on digital and CD on her own Moth Heaven Recordings by the end of the year.

The seventh Her Beats podcast is an evocative mix of sounds from electronica to atmospheric pop. Many thanks to Glossata and I hope you all enjoy exploring her beautifully dark and atmospheric world…

Can you tell us a bit more about…

yourself and what drew you to making electronic music?

My name is Emily, I live in the UK and I’m currently studying Music Technology at university. I’ve been creating and playing music since I was around 7 years old, when my parents got me a small Yamaha keyboard (nothing professional, it was kind of like a toy) and I would create little melodies and work out songs by ear and play them. After that and through the years I went through a few phases of liking different music, when I was 15 I discovered ambient music like Brian Eno, Dead Can Dance, Boards of Canada. Listening to those artists inspired me to start creating music electronically, so I got my first software and started creating. I had a few small musical projects but, in retrospect, nothing particularly special.

About three years later I discovered minimal techno which was pretty profound for me, as well as some other beat-oriented genres like garage and 2-step. I decided that I really wanted to create some music with beats and combine it with that which I had learnt from making ambient music already, and so that’s when Alteria Percepsyne began.

your recent name change from Alteria Percepsyne to Glossata – does this also mark a change in your sound?

There are a few reasons why I changed the name from Alteria Percepsyne to Glossata. I felt that the name could cause some confusion and that it would be better to change it to something more clear and succinct. It does mark a slight change in my sound – I have moved on to more sample-based music and there is a slight shift in the atmosphere, from dark and gritty to more ethereal and dreamy. “Glossata” is the name of a suborder of insects which includes moths and butterflies. I have a huge fascination with and love for moths particularly – to me they embody loneliness and grace, and they just look beautiful.

your approach to production – with 3 LPs and an EP out in 3 years, you must produce at a pretty solid pace. Do you sit down in the studio on a regular basis, or only when the inspiration hits you?

I sit down in the studio on quite a regular basis, usually I try and think of some new ideas and then try them out, which can sometimes be a long process of trial and error. Sometimes inspiration will come to me when I’m watching a movie, or looking at photography, or when I’m outside at night walking alone. Sometimes I light some incense and turn the lights down to get my inspiration flowing. It can come from anywhere and it’s unexpected but strongly present most of the time that it happens.

Usually the music I create when I get that sudden inspiration is better than if I were just sitting and trying out new ideas. Both of these work together quite well to form the end result. Most of the time I do have some vague idea of what the next release will be like, which over time becomes clearer to me and strengthens.

the creation and ideas behind your forthcoming LP Pearls and Smoke? 

I would describe my forthcoming LP Pearls and Smoke as more intense and dreamy than my previous releases. My inspiration for this comes from lots of images in my head and smells; from incense, jasmine and other perfumes, oak, old forests, abandoned lighthouses, the moon’s texture, lonely figures by cliffs, rain trickling against cabin windows, subtle colours like olive and gray, old English houses in the countryside with faded doors. I used female vocal samples quite frequently in this album, which is a new development. I would have recorded my own voice but I don’t feel too confident in my vocal abilities. There are some orchestral samples too, which is another new development and which I really enjoy working with because of its organic behaviour.



the idea behind the mix – are these artists or tracks that particularly inspire you?

I saw this mix as an opportunity to show the artists that inspire me. It is quite a diverse mix as I listen to a lot of different music, and I thought I would bring these different genres together to create an ever-changing sort of tapestry. I hope that some people will discover some new artists that perhaps are outside of their usual tastes.

your future plans – any live/dj dates coming up soon?

At the moment I am planning a few things but there are no solid plans, so I can’t properly announce anything – but I do hope to be playing live in the near-future as well as doing some possible DJing. I’ve never performed live in my entire life so I’m incredibly excited to begin. If any definite plans come up then I will update and let everyone know via the Glossata Facebook page.

And I just wanted to say thank you to anyone who has listened to and supported my music, it means an amazing amount to me.

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Sorrow / Distant Recall
Gazelle Twin / Concrete Mother
Laurel Halo / Head
Infinite Body / Drive Dreams Away
Akira Yamaoka / True
Deepchord / Jeanneau
Anders Ilar / Hillside
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble / Adaptation of the Koto Song
Flying Lotus / Tea Leaf Dancers
Austra / Shoot the Water
Zola Jesus / Tower
Alteria Percepsyne /   Untitled/Emitting Broken Light
Leonid / Mora
Akira Yamaoka / Heaven’s Night
Seefeel / Moodswing
Absense / Tell Me
36 / End Credits

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