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When I came across the next release from Ukrainian label Wicked Bass, whose catalogue includes releases from some fantastic up-and-coming bass music artists like Lokiboi and Jamie Grind, I was instantly grooving along to the sounds of the forthcoming Collective Data EP. It turned out the funky, Detroit-influenced tracks were the work of Portuguese producer Violet – and I knew I had found the next artist for our podcast series. First turning heads with her rhymes behind the mic along with fellow rapper Honey as part of A.M.O.R., Violet even landed a coveted spot in the 2008 edition of RBMA. I’m just loving the future-retro vibes of Collective Data, which is set for a release on July 2 2012. I caught up with Violet for a quick chat about her relatively newfound love for solo production and her future musical plans…

Can you tell us a bit more about…

yourself and your musical background?

my name is inês and i’m from lisbon, portugal. i started making music in 2006 with my cousin honey, and we formed a rap crew called A.M.O.R.. I had been taking singing lessons and playing guitar in the previous years, but hip hop was what made me want to do my own stuff. i also do a radio show on rbma radio and antena 3, where i play music by underground portuguese talents.

after your time behind the mic with A.M.O.R., what prompted you to focus on the production side of music?

after doing a couple of hip hop instrumentals on an mpc, i started a monthly mix series called violet’s dance, because i was getting more and more into electronic music – and back then mixing it was the only way i had to communicate with it, skillswise. at the same time i started taking DJing more seriously, both alone and with honey, had a few gigs and really started to feel an urge to do my own thing for clubs and whatnot. also, going to the red bull music academy in 2008 really put me in the right mindframe to just go for it, after meeting such inspiring people.

the creation and ideas behind your forthcoming Collective Data EP?

my creation process can only be described by me playing around with sounds and effects on ableton until i come up with something i love. i actually hadn’t finished a tune until early this year, just had lots of loops i liked laying around. i decided to make it an actual piece of music out of palmas one day, and uploaded it to soundcloud. nazar from wicked bass contacted me a few hours later with the idea of doing a release, and i got so excited that i finally started finishing more tunes – maybe the perspective of putting the music out was the push i needed after all. The label thought about Photonz for the remix duties and i asked Cardopusher to do another one. In love with both versions. The title of the ep has raised some curiosity tho: it’s basically a reference to how most times you feel like the music you wrote didn’t come from you, but some sort of collective data bank you have access to when making any artform.

what you had in mind when you recorded the mix?

mostly a mix of what i love and what i like to either play or hear at a club. ican’t really say i’m too deep in any particular genre, i’m more interested in creating an emotional engagement on the dancefloor so i did what i usually do when DJing: blend some techno and house with dreamy pop, uk stuff, r&b and hip hop with my own productions – some of them are premiering in this mix!

your plans for the future?

just continuing to channel my dreams through music while staying focused and thankful through it all. and hopefully putting some more music out both as Violet and with A.M.O.R! I’d also definitely like to help new producers and rappers with their endeavours at some point, as i truly value the people who supported me along the years and need to give that love back to the cosmos.

HB:006 / Violet by Her Beats on Mixcloud

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Curated by Violet


Madonna / La isla bonita [Warner]
Violet / Guincho [Wickes Bass]
Snuff Crew / I like your body [International deejay Gigolo]
Parris Mitchell / Bitches and money [forthcoming reed. Wicked Bass]
Violet / Sensations
Armand van Helden / U don’t know me [Armed]
Donna Summer / I Feel Love (Altered Natives Edit)
Zebra Katz / W8WTF (Photonz RMX) [Senseless]
Mike Dunn / So let it be house [Westbrook]
MikeQ / Let it all out [Fade to Mind]
Kingdom / Cut me out (Instrumental)
LOL Boys / Moments in heartbreak [UNO NYC]
Usher / Climax (Funkystepz Love Shy RMX)
Violet / Bring me down
Lumideee / Never Leave (DJ Kazzanova RMX) [Universal]
Nelly / Ride wit me [Universal]
Mariah Carey / It’s like that feat. Jermaine Dupri & Fatman Scoop [Def Jam]
R Kelly / Ignition RMX [Jive]

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