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Next up to the Her Beats Podcast series is Pursuit Grooves, a multi-talented American artist known for her soulful electronic productions, solid vocal chops, and dynamic live sets. When I was first introduced to her sounds, via the UK label Tectonic which released her LP Fox Trot Mannerisms in 2010, I was amazed to find out Pursuit Grooves already had three previous projects to her name, as well as a contribution to Rush Hour’s 2007 compilation Beat Dimensions. Ever the busy woman, Pursuit Grooves has since released one more album for Tectonic in 2011 called Frantically Hopeful, as well as a collaboration with ProEf under the name of GuSHee.

For her contribution to our podcast series, Pursuit Grooves has delivered a 44-minute mix of chilled tunes from the likes of Goldielocks, Mizz Beats, and Fatima & Dorian Concept. In fact, every song either includes a female vocalist or was produced by a female. Respect!

Can you tell us a bit more about…

yourself and your musical background?

I started out experimenting with gear as a teenager when I needed music for the lyrics/rhymes I was writing and I’ve been making music ever since.

your different musical and artistic projects?

Most of my releases are under Pursuit Grooves but I also have a group called GuSHee and this Spring I’ll be releasing a new project under an alias called 91 Fellows. I also make videos under the name Wifihifiscifi. Mostly experimental music videos but I’ll also be doing more for live performances this year.

the idea behind the mix?

All tracks either contain female vocalists or producers. After i finished the mix I thought geez, I could have made it so much longer!!!!  But I kept it short and sweet.

what’s in the future for Pursuit Grooves?

More music,  more touring. I’m always trying to find new sources of inspiration so I don’t get bored!

HB:005 / Pursuit Grooves by Her Beats on Mixcloud

Stream above or directly at Mixcloud
Curated by Pursuit Grooves


Goldielocks / Addict (Falty DL remix)
Clara Hill / Nowhere I Can Go
Little Dragon / Brush the Heat
Kay Sazuki / Move On (featuring Dutchy)
Amenta & J.Wow / Like That
Fatima & Dorian Concept / Time Travellin’
Mizz Beats / Sanctuary
Katy B / Hard to Get
Andreya Triana / Lost Where I Belong (FlyLo remix)
The Clonious / One At A Time (featuring Muhsinah)
GuSHee / Making Babies

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