The Women of Unsound in Photos

Hype Williams / Anna Spysz

Last week I had the pleasure to spend eight days experiencing Unsound festival in Krakow, Poland. It’s been my fifth year attending, and I just can’t believe how huge the festival has grown, with the 2011 edition seeing some of the most influential artists of the last few decades to perform in in some of the most magical venues of this already extraordinary, otherworldly city.

Chris & Cosey

This year’s highlights were undoubtedly the much anticipated performances by legends like Chris & Cosey and Model 500, both performing to a crowd of hundreds, if not thousands. But I can still vividly remember one of my first Unsound experiences, something that has been stamped in my memory since 2007 – Gudrun Gut, singing into a bright red microphone, swaying before her laptop, and a crowd of a hundred at most. That Monika Enterprise label showcase was one of those perfect, intimate Krakow moments, and while Unsound has now exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, I’m happy to say there are still plenty of those quiet, personal moments to be had at the festival.


While the percentage of women performing at the festival was dire at best (not unlike the vast majority of music festivals globally…), I was still glad to get the chance to see some of my favourite electronic artists live at Unsound. In this post you’ll find a collection of photos of women rocking their synths, laptops, drum machines, decks, or what have you. And finally, a big thanks to Unsound photographer, good friend, and overall cool cat Anna Spysz for the photos.


Laurel Halo



Maria Minerva

An On Bast

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