HB:004 Podcast / Natasha Kmeto

The next addition to our HB Podcast series comes from beatsmith Natasha Kmeto, currently based in Portland, Oregon. Combining soulful vocals with hip-hop-influenced beats, Kmeto’s latest album Expressor is an impressive showcase of her ability to create beautiful, and incredibly catchy songs from experimental electronic sources. Read a little more about Natasha below, and check out the excellent mix she recorded for us at the bottom of the post.

Can you tell us a bit more about…

yourself and your musical background:

My name is Natasha Kmeto (pronounced “kuh-meh-toe”) and I’m an electro hip-hop, singer-producer based in Portland, OR. I have a rich musical background in jazz, r&b, electronic and hip-hop and I like to describe my music as “futuristic soul.”.

I was born and raised in California, playing and touring with bands of all genres since the age of 15. I completed the Keyboard Performance program at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and soon thereafter relocated to Portland in 2007 where I began producing beats in my basement.  From there, my solo project grew and here I am. Since taking my show out live I’ve had the privilege of touring nationally and sharing the stage with some legendary artists.

the technical side of your creative process, what sort of gear you use in the studio and live:

In the studio I use Logic Pro to write and record in along with a Moog Little Phatty, a Korg R3, a M-Audio Axiom 25, tons of percussion and assorted mics.  Live I use a mac laptop running Ableton Live, a Shure beta 57 and an Akai MPD32 controller.

the idea behind the mix:

Basically I wanted to feature some of my favorite producers and artists along with some of my own stuff in a mixed playlist.  It’s primarily what I’m listening to at the moment.

your future plans:

To continue writing, performing, touring and release a new EP early 2012 (stay tuned).

HB:004 / Natasha Kmeto by Her Beats on Mixcloud

Stream above or directly at Mixcloud
Curated by Natasha Kmeto


Shabazz Palaces / Swerve… The Reeping Of All That Is Worthwhile (Noir Not Withstanding)
Jellyfish Brigade / Sunflowers
Bibio / Lovers Carving (Letherette Remix)
Natasha Kmeto / Warm Rain
Mount Kimbie / Baves Chords
matthewdavid /Noche y Dia _ San Raphael
Flying Lotus / Sangria Spin Cycles
Jneiro Jarel / Wave Trip
Dimlite / On the Same Picture (with Elan Tamara)
Holy Other / Know Where (Danny Corn ReFix)
Björk / Crystalline
J Majik / Your Sound (remix)/Natasha Kmeto – Jookah <mash-up>
Africa Hitech / Out In The Streets
Natasha Kmeto / I Wanna Be Down (re-cover)
Marley Carroll / Our Chimes
Mimi Page / New (Natasha Kmeto remix)

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