HB:002 Podcast / Giganta

After the great success of our debut podcast in May, I’m delighted to present HB:002, a podcast recorded by Greek artist Giganta. This is the third project of Eleni Adamopoulou, who has previously recorded as Magnitophono and Manekinekod.

Giganta has a long history of music performance, going back to age 12 when she began her studies in classical and jazz music and piano, flute, and choir performance. After playing keyboard with a handful of alternative indie bands, Eleni began her own electronic and sampling experimentations gathering  “all the sounds from different movements, to create a sound collage and experiment with sounds that we rarely pay attention to”.

As Manekinekod she released music on Brigade music and Monika Enterprise, and was recently featured on Wire magazine’s Wire Tapper 25 CD. As Magnitophono, Eleni self-released two albums and released the Magnet EP on Bearsuit records. She also created mobile sound installations for Reactify Music, which are available through the iPhone app RJDJ. On top of it all, Eleni manages to find time to host a radio show called My PC Belongs to Daddy, every Monday from 8-10pm on www.tripradio.gr from September to June.

Her music, just like the podcast she recorded for us, explores sounds from all corners of the universe, so take a few moments to delve into the world of Giganta…


Can you tell us a little more about…
-the idea behind the podcast

Music has no barriers, most of the interesting things can be discovered in places and countries we don’t really know much about. I chose these little music treasures that I listen to lately. Although there is a difference in genres, there is a common feeling between the songs.

This is how my radioshow “My PC belongs to daddy” sounds like also. Some unreleased music by friends, some oldschool japanese stuff, like Frank chickens, and generally what sounds good, whether old or new.

 -your future plans:

I have a lot of unreleased material, that will find a place soon in 2012, or I’ll make a nice home for it, as far as it concerns “Giganta”. I am preparing a new album also for “Manekinekod” using more flute and percussions. i give time to myself and to my sound, as it is important for me to explore all the ideas that come into my mind. Music is for me is creating a new world and I want to make it personally beautiful for people to visit it.

I want to continue making the radioshows, as I enjoy it much. There should always be someone to share something different with people.

I don’t do much plans generally, I follow the waves, and let myself free to enjoy what I love, and music is one love.

HB:002 / Giganta by Her Beats on Mixcloud

Stream above or directly at Mixcloud
Curated by Eleni Adamopoulou / Giganta


The Advisory Circle / Civil Defense is Common Sense
Ryan Yorn / All Our Favorite Colors
Onra / Nadiya Nice
Kan Sano / Oops Hops feat. Repeat Pattern
Frank Chickens / Young Summer
Giganta / Talk Show
Akello Light / Indigo’s Wah Wah
Shlohmo / Empty Pools
Giganta / Better
Jed & Lucia / This Is Why
ΔΔ / ???
Take / Neon Beams (The Clonious Remix)
Ssaliva / Crayola
Jed & Lucia / April Showers (Shlohmo Remix)
Picky Picnic / Picnic land



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