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It’s finally here – the very first Her Beats podcast, courtesy of Rachel Evans AKA Motion Sickness of Time Travel. Her latest LP/cassette Seeping Through the Veil of the Unconscious, is a beautiful example of the synth-led, lo-fi drone-pop that Americans do so well these days. Evans also runs the label Hooker Vision with husband Grant Evans, with whom she also collaborates as Quiet Evenings. Read our full interview with MSOTT to learn more about the aritst behind what has been called “one of the albums of the year so far” (Boomkat) and “one of the most engrossing, seductive and transporting albums released in 2011″ (FACT).

Can you tell us a little more about…
-yourself and your music as Motion Sickness of Time Travel:

Well, let’s see… I was born and raised around Palmetto, Georgia in 1988. I’m 23 years old… pretty young I guess, compared to most of my musician/artist friends. I’ve always loved to sing. I grew up around lots of music, and my mom’s accompaniment tapes for church song specials (yuck!). I started taking piano lessons around age 5 and added new instruments every few years; cello and orchestra in 3rd and 4th grade; drums in middle school; guitar, bass, voice lessons and synthesizers in high school… among other things. The synthesizers really stuck with me… they’ve always fascinated me. I went to college in 2006 as a music major and tried to take up cello again, but it didn’t come as easily this time around. So I switched over to a composition tract and focused on songwriting and studying music composition more. I’d always been a theory nerd since my early days of piano lessons… I hated practicing but would rush through my theory books like crazy. In high school I took music theory and was in the drum line for a short time, playing the synth-workstation I had at the time. About the time that I really started focusing on composition in college was also around the time I met Grant. Both Grant and my theory professor introduced me to minimal-classical and electronic-classical music, as well as tons of current electronic music. The second half of my junior year I double-majored in music and art, and ended up concentrating on graphic design. There was a big period of transition for me musically when I began to look at music as art and vice-versa.

Ever since, I’ve been on some sort of quest for my own sound, and finding a way to fuse all of the tones and timbres I love into something beautiful I can call all my own. That’s where Motion Sickness of Time Travel came into the picture. Grant actually helped me come up with the name, and it seemed to fit perfectly with the way I wanted my music to sound… like an altered state of mind, or some time in the past or present that you can see but can’t touch… like a futuristic dream. MSOTT is the solo-name I go by when recording music, since early 2009. I try to make MSOTT sound like all the music I love, and express all the things inside of me in what I feel is a visual way. I record everything on the spot for MSOTT… at least for now. It really makes the music come alive, I think; almost like an automatic diary with sound effects to compliment. I also really love making videos to go with my music, that really completes the music’s sense of a visual environment for me.

-your other musical projects, including label Hooker Vision:

Besides MSOTT, I also record with my husband Grant Evans as Quiet Evenings. My approach to recording for QE is very different than my solo-music approach. Although its still improvised, I try to be more strategic with my role. I focus on building up textures of sound that are more in the background, and only occasionally come to the forefront with minimal melodies or themes. I feel like my solo-music is all me in the forefront, and can at times be overwhelming to the listener. With QE I feel like Grant and I balance each other out, and the sound really reflects that. Additionally, Grant and I co-run Hooker Vision together, although he was the one who founded it back in 2008. I’ve only recently become as involved with the label as I am now. Other than that I’m currently collaborating with Brad Rose (Digitalis, The North Sea, Altar Eagle) on a project called Aerial Jungle. We’ve released a mini CDr so far, but have material for a tape or CD in the near future. Recently I’ve also been contributing vocal tracks to the upcoming Ous Mal CD, collaborating with Olli Arni. I think he’s in the process of changing his “band-name”, but good things are coming in the near future. The tracks will likely appear on Olli’s next album for Preservation Records. Finally, I’m in the process of collaborating with Camella Lobo, half of Tropic of Cancer, who recently dropped an LP on Blackest Ever Black. She and I have been in touch for a while and both share the same tastes in music. You can definitely look forward to some type of musical collaboration between the two of us in the coming year!

-the idea behind the podcast:

The mix I did for Her Beats Podcast consists of acts with female members and music that has some electronic presence. I wanted the mix to represent various styles, regions, and instrumentation. The whole idea behind the mix was blurring the lines between electric music and electronic music, and highlighting the moments in music where artists aesthetics overlap and become one with each other. All of the music featured is music of the same vein… produced all, or at least in part, by female musicians and/or sound artists and composed of elements that are inherent electronic. The sounds on the mix have all been influential to me in some way and I feel connected to all of them in that way. This mix ebbs and flows like the oceans waves. It rises and falls, and melds together older music with the new. Instrumentals dissolve into synth-pop, but the electric ambience and femme-class remain. It’s rare to find all of these tracks in one place, so I couldn’t resist including them all… I only wish I could include even more.

-future plans for MSOTT:

Release-wise I’m looking forward to a tape on Hobo Cult Records, a mini CDr on Kimberly Dawn Recordings, an LP/CD on Digitalis, and a split LP with Grant’s solo-project, Nova Scotian Arms, on Aguirre Records in the near future. Recording-wise, I’m working on an LP for Spectrum Spools, as well as a handful of tape releases for various labels such as Sweat Lodge Guru, Sacred Phrases, and No Kings. I also have plans for splits with a few different artists in the works, including Listening Mirror and Galya Chikiss, and am currently working on a Remix of AyGeeTee’s recent release “Soul”.

HB:001 artwork by Rachel Evans

Stream below or directly at Mixcloud
Curated by Rachel Evans / Motion Sickness of Time Travel.
Embark on a 2 hour journey into the strange and beautiful world that is women in electronic music. Each of the 27 acts/bands included in the mix contains at least one female member. Although the styles are quite varied, there is some form of electronics used in realizing all of the sounds your are about to hear. Welcome the electricity…

HB:001 / Motion Sickness of Time Travel by Her Beats on Mixcloud

Sanso-Xtro / Fountain Fountain
Mum / Green Grass of Tunnel
Stereolab / Emperor Tomato Ketchup
Vitamins / No Notion Of Anything Only What…
Jane L. Kasowicz / Shake the Devil Out (excerpt)
Motion Sickness of Time Travel / Prismatic Radiance
Stellar OM Source / The Oracle (excerpt)
Noveller / Almost Alright
Chubby Wolf / Annell This Chord of Bliss
Grouper / Heavy Water
Miracles Club / Light of Love
Excepter / Forget Me
Peaking Lights / Tiger Eyes (Laid Back)
Altar Eagle / Spy Movie
Tropic of Cancer / A Color
LA Vampires featuring Matrix Metals / Berlin Baby
Velvet Chrome / Dead Pacific
Psychic Reality / Elle/Elle Beat
Xeno & Oaklander / Rendez-vous D’or
Mass Ornament / Meat Mouth Kisser
Galya Chikiss / Flashlights
Caldera Lakes / Up With the Birds
Valet / Kehaar
Marlo Eggplant / Melody Deterred
Misner Space / Karmakoma
Quiet Evenings / Finality

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