Reflecting Perspectives / Berlin


The wonderful Perspectives festival is back this coming weekend with a full day of workshops, talks, and music at Berlin’s ://about blank on 8 March 2014. Reflecting Perspectives includes two daytime workshops – an Ableton 9 workshop (40 euro entrance fee) and a basic artist PR workshop (20 euro entrance fee). Later in the evening a collection of promoters and artists will hold a public discussion, presenting the female:pressure Booker’s Guide – a guide for promoters to encourage a higher booking rate of female electronic artists.

Closing the night will be performances from artists including Sick Girls, Stellar OM Source, Lotic, and several female:pressure-associated artists. For more info head to the Perspectives site or the Perspectives Facebook event.

HB:008 Podcast / Girls In Uniform

Girls In Uniform

A little while back we introduced Girls In Uniform, the musical project of Brooklyn-based Nicole Brenny (photo: left, with artist and collaborator Danica Olders, right. photo credit: Raul Coto-Batres). Her Fortune Tapes release blew us away and we couldn’t wait to hear more. With new material just around the corner, we asked Girls In Uniform to record a mix to hold us over in the meantime. From Chinese pop to 70s horror soundtracks, this is one of the most diverse podcasts in the series so far. Let’s dive right in to the world of Girls In Uniform…

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“No Big Deal?” / DJ Mag Undercuts Great Words With Dumb Photo

Ladies Guide to Pioneer CDJ-2000*

Remember when, last September, Spinnin’ Records posted a “joke” photo (since deleted) on Facebook and Twitter of a stovetop burner laid into the platter of a CD-J with the caption “Pioneer finally developed a CD-J for women”? Oh, how we all “laughed”. And threw up in our mouths. Even popular women’s site XOJane wrote about it.

Well, I couldn’t help but think of this super-funny incident when I opened the latest issue of DJ Mag.

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Girls In Uniform / The Fortune Tapes

Girls In Uniform

In my usual belated fashion, I recently came across this fantastic EP from Girls In Uniform which was released a few months ago. The Fortune Tapes are two delay-drenched experimental pop tracks from Nicole Brenny, who conceived the project in Montreal and created the final product in Brooklyn. The B-side of this cassette (also available as a free download via Soundcloud) is a particular standout – combining crunchy kicks, pitched up vocals, and a completely mind-bending use of delay (in a good way, I assure you). Check out the audio and download below:

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